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  • Motivate

  • The Refugee's

  • Dare To Fail

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  • Strut Rut

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    This was written during the final days of my involvement with Todd Rundgren's In(tr)active Music Forum on Compuserve. I wanted it to have a two-fold purpose. To be different then the majority of midi files that are generally available and as sort of a rallying cry to those people in the IMUSIC Forum that seemed fairly apathetic to the concept of interactive music . . . which isn't to say that there weren't any people there were involved and excited about creating music, it's just that quite a few weren't. Thanks to Kelly Norris for his help on this one!


    The Refugee's

    This was written shortly after "Motivate when a number of IMUSIC regulars were meeting in The In(tr)active Music Refugee's powwow chat. It kind-of became our theme song, hence the title . . . thanks to Cait for suggesting it!


    Dare to Fail

    My own submission to the "Dare To Fail" Interactive Music Project.



    The title really says all that needs to be said . . . view it from the standpoint of someone talking to themselves trans-dimensionally :-)


    Strut Rut

    A new midi file that I completed for a little side project.