The Music of Kerem Koseoglu
Angels Night Out

Firebug Valley

Flight Of The Drunken Bee

Sad Bye

Together Again
(Arranged By Vic Sagerquist)

UFO 1978

Underwater Flying

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Music & Artwork ©1997 Kerem Koseoglu    (All rights reserved)            Design©1996-98 MIDIWORLD

I was born in 12/27/1978, and live in Istanbul, Turkey.

I'm interested in music since 1990. My music life begun with a little keyboard; today I play all kinds of guitar, keyboards and drums.

I never took music lessons, and can't read or write music. This is why I love my PC that much, it helps me so much at everything about music.

I always had an interest in composing. Except my MIDI songs, I wrote many songs in all kinds; instrumental, with lyrics, classic, etc.

My carriere in MIDI-composing begun with the great helps of my great friend, Vic Sagerquist. Following his suggestions and getting his help, I got everything I needed and couldn't name before to compose more and better.

Currently, I'm the lead guitarist of a band in Turkey which is called "BlueSaint".

My other interests are PC's, psychology, philosophy, programming, books, friends, webpage-design, internet & chat, etc.