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'MASSES'. {+}

My setting of the Gloria. Patterned loosely after Vivaldi's Gloria in D

Work in Progress

Work in Progress
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  • 'VOCAL WORKS'. {+} Setting of a poem by Walter Davison about a young man suffering the pangs of unreturned love.
    For 8-Part Choir Acapella
    Setting of a poem by Sir Edwin Arnold about a man mourning the death of his wife.
    For SATB Choir Acapella. In the 3rd part, the tenor section sings a solo with the rest of the choir accompanying.
    As yet incomplete.
    A solemn love song for unaccompanied choir. I am the lyricist for this one
    Setting of a poem by William Wordsworth for Tenor Solo and piano.
    Setting of a poem by Lord Byron for Acapella Choir. Along a more modern road than I normally go
    Three solos, as yet without words, with piano.
    This setting of the famous poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is set for 4 Pt. Women's Choir A capella
    A piece for choir and piano (maybe orchestra later). A small problem with the midi seems to have occurred as a G is repeatedly playing throughout the piece. Feel free to change the choir sound to whatever works best on your sound card.
    A song of loss. A man calls out into the night for his to come back, but there is no reply, even though he pleads. For tenor solo and piano. Another song of calling, but of joy and reunion rather than sadness. An attempt to "follow the rules" of harmony. For 4-Part Choir, acapella A song of conviction for SATB choir A song of love lost from the poem by Robert Burns. For SATB choir Back to the Top


  • 'PIECES FOR SOLO OR ENSEMBLE AND KEYBOARD'.{+} Commisioned by Michael Raposo. A small problem between Back to the Top
    second and third part during change from 4/4 to 2/2

  • 'SMALL ORCHESTRAL WORKS'. {+} My first serious attempt at an orchestral piece. Actually turned out nicely.
    My mother says it sounds like the soundtrack to a silent movie
    Scored for String orchestra, this Pastoral tell's the story of a picnic and celebration that begins at dawn and ends at dusk.

    My first serious work. NOTE : This was largely and expirement by myself.
    I did some exploring in dissonance and modulation, so some of it is pretty interesting :)

    As yet incomplete.

    Work in Progress

    Truly for a smaller chamber ensemble of flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and xylophone. A small piece composed for the La Musique Petite Challenge, definitely more modern.

    A small piece for a chamber ensemble or flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and string quartet.
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  • 'SYMPHONIES'. {+} Maybe not a symphony by definition, but nonetheless a larger scale orchestral work. A piano symphony and my first attempt at using percussion at all. A symphony for an orchestra with extra woodwind players. Also called The Final Battle Symphony. I stuck to thematic material more consistently in this one.
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