Two Brothers - Celtic Reflections

'One was a warrior, One was a priest,

Both fought for freedom, Both prayed for peace.'

Version 1.1 for MIDIWORLD
Copyright - September 1998 by Alan Thomas

Composed and sequenced by Alan Thomas
Magic MIDI Music Co.(UK)


Two Brothers is a tone poem. It comes from my Celtic Reflections Suite sequenced for the Roland Sound Canvas. The melodies were written during a visit to Ireland but are reminiscent of the Welsh folk songs I recall from my youth.



Anglo, Wooden Flute, Guitar, Harpsichord, Uilleann Pipe and Bodhrán

More information about the instruments of Celtic music can be found at  Ceolas


Strings, Contrabass (1), Cello (1), Horns (3), Trumpets (2), Trombone (3), Tuba (1)


The tone poem employs folk melodies that have an affective simplicity. The arrangement uses traditional Celtic instruments in various orchestral settings. A slow tempo and the introduction of each section by beats on the Bodhrán combine to create a feeling of melancholy.
The piece begins with Folk Melody 1 being introduced on the Anglo and Guitar. The Anglo and Flute then repeat this melody over a gentle String and Guitar accompaniment. Folk Melody 2 is then introduced on Harpsichord over String and Solo Cello. Towards the end of this section, a hint of a 'Celtic Warrior' motif is introduced by the Horns. This melody is then repeated strongly on the Uilleann Pipe over a mellow Brass accompaniment. Towards the end of this section Trumpets are added to strengthen the now dominant 'Celtic Warrior' motif. Finally, calm returns with Folk Melody 1 being played gently over a Horn and String accompaniment, and then more simply on the Anglo and Guitar, ending the tone poem as it began.

 Performance Notes:

GM/GS patch sounds vary greatly, even from Roland, so to hear the piece as intended please read the following:

A blend of SC55 and SC88 patches has been used to achieve the desired performance.
If you are a Roland SC88 user the required patch map will be setup automatically for you. Default 'Mode 1' is used.
SC55 and SC55mkII users should use the 'Capital Tones' patch set to achieve a similar result and note the following:
The MIDI Channel 13 Trombone (58) patch should be changed to the Horn (61) patch to maintain a mellow accompaniment in the Uilleann Pipe section.

 Technical Notes:

The sequence is GM/GS compatible. Sysex messages are limited to a GS Reset at the start and end of the sequence otherwise it uses a default GS setup for maximum portability. If you have any unsaved special setups please beware!
You should enable MIDI Channels 1 through to 14 to your MIDI port.

 Performing Rights:

Strictly for personal use only please.


If you would like to comment on this work, or its presentation, contact me at the e-mail address below. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

Alan Thomas
Magic MIDI Music Co.(UK)