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Posted by Javier on December 15, 1998 at 18:28:51:

In Reply to: Buying QS8 posted by Javier on October 02, 1998 at 22:43:25:


I want to tell you that I'm very happy with my QS8 I just bougth, and that it is very
important for me all the help you can give me, I know that this are not easy questions, but if
you know a least one please E-Mail me.

This is what I Have:
Macintosh G3/233, Performer ,Free Midi 1.36, Standard Midi interface, QS8 Software
version 1.02, SRAM 256k, Free Loader 1.1
The idea is to record sequences on the computer with the QS8, then put them on the
SRAM card, then play live with the QS8 and the SRAM card.

Sound Bridge:
Sound Bridge 2.5 software is used for formatting PCMCIA cards with Alesis synthesizers
1 .one user bank,
2. sequences
3. samples. You must have at least a Quadrasynth v2.00 or greater.

Can I have all three at the same time in one card ?
Do I need to Upgrade my Alesis Syntetaiser software ? How ?

How I record a Sysex on Free Loader?
How I save a file in .syx ? (to put this file in the Sound Bridge)
Witch Application do this?
the next questions is . . .
How can I restore this file information back in to the QS8 ?

After storing Sysex file in Sound Bridge, is this file for BackUp in to the SRAM card ?
After this file is in the SRAM card, can I load it to the QS8 ?

Is there a way to make a standard midi file loaded in to the card , to be played by specific
mix? This is because When I play back the sequence from the card , this one is played by the
mix currently selected.
How I assign specific voice to channel or track on the sequence that is on card?
Is this has to be done firsth on the computer sequencing program ?
Is all this realted to Sysex ? how ?

Sorry about this but the QS8's manual doesn't have enougth information for people like me
that are new to Keyboards, programing, Etc,

Thank you for your help.


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