Re: How to convert .arr files from cubasis to .wav?

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Posted by Markus Nentwig on October 02, 1998 at 04:56:47:

In Reply to: How to convert .arr files from cubasis to .wav? posted by Greg Jones on September 30, 1998 at 16:13:00:

If I remember correctly, a '.arr' -file is an arrangement file,
containing MIDI data.

A '.wav' - file, on the other hand, contains sampled wave data.
If I understand you right, you want to record what Cubase plays.
You will have to record the output of the connected sound sources 'by
hand' - either to tape or directly with the PC.

Only if you stick to using General Midi sounds, you could play it back
on a software GM synthesizer that allows to create .wav-files (I think
Roland's virtual sound canvas does so, but costs $99)

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