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Posted by Todd on September 23, 1998 at 20:25:40:

In Reply to: Re: Alesis QS6 posted by Randy Stanton on September 04, 1998 at 09:57:30:

: : I want to buy a used QS6. Anybody want to sell one?
: : Can anybody recommend me where I can buy one?

: : Thanks.

: Qs-6 is being sold new for $499.00 all over the place to make room
for the new qs6.1. You probably will not find a used one for less
than that being how most of the people who bought a qs-6 originally
paid anywhere from $800 to $1,100. Try Guitar Center (303)759-9100 (
I don't know where you live but this number will get you other locations).
Guitar center is published the qs-6 price at $499.00. If you have a local
store that matches prices I would go that direction. And one more thing,
I noticed alot of used qs-6 no longer have the Alesis software with them.
The qs6 is awesome by itself but the software puts it over the edge. Go
for the new!

Man, I hope you found your QS6 soon after that posting. I started looking
a couple of weeks ago and nearly went nuts just trying to find a used one
or a store demo or anything. Finally, I had a store demo shipped to my
local music store from another branch in NH. It was dinged up and the
entire user bank and nearly all of the mix bank was wiped out. However,
I used these problems to talk the guy down another $60 so I got the deal
for $449 and simply reloaded the banks from the CD and it works beautifully.
Guitar Center found only 2 demos, somewhere in Atlanta but I was impatient and
went with the dinged up one. I had tried just about every music store in New
England with no luck until I found out about the dinged up one. It was actually
promised to several people but none of them had put any money on it while I
bought it over the phone, sight unseen with a credit card ($$$talks).

Good Luck

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