How to save files from incompatible synth to Cubasis.....

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Posted by Greg Jones on September 11, 1998 at 14:10:29:

My friend recorded some MIDI files on his Korg X-3 which we would
like to convert to Cubasis.

The problem is that it formats files in such a way to be incompatible
with Cubasis. When I insert a diskette which was formatted by the X-3's
disk drive, the Cubasis can't read it. Other computer or software
programs have the same problem with the X-3's MIDI file format.

Since I normally hook my QS8 to my computer via the serial port, I
don't have a MIDI hookup on the computer. So, here was my idea.

Hook the Korg to the QS8 via MIDI and have the X3 play it's MIDI
file through the QS8 which would be recorded by Cubasis via the QS8's
serial port.

Problem. The QS8 has an exclusive setting (in the global section) only
allowing me to use the serial port or my MIDI in/out. I can't seem
to use both at the same time in order to accomplish this.

Any advice?

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