Re: Are There Differences in MIDI cables?

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Posted by Markus Nentwig on September 11, 1998 at 07:51:54:

In Reply to: Are There Differences in MIDI cables? posted by Jim on September 10, 1998 at 19:46:59:

Hi Jim,

you need a cable with a 15-pin male SUB-D plug at one end and two 5-pin male DIN-plugs at the other end.
The 15-pin connector fits to the joystick-port, the other to the QS. Plug the pin labeled 'MIDI IN' to the 'OUT'-socket and vice versa!
(Simple adapter cables connect the pins only, better models have opto-couplers for galvanic isolation between PC and QS.)
My own cable has an additional 15-pin female Sub-D plug for connecting a joystick, too.

On the PC-side, you must enable the MIDI port on your sound-card (MPU-401 on).
You need a MPU-401 MIDI driver (in Win3.11 the Roland LAPCD driver may work, too), configured with the correct interrupt and base adress setting.
Further, you have to tell the program (sequencer), to use which MIDI device for in/output. Even if you only have one port, you have to set this manually (you could set the output to the sound-card, for example, to play the sound-card's sound, but usually this is not what you want)

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