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Posted by Guy on September 08, 1998 at 12:00:06:

In Reply to: two problems... posted by Johan Gren on September 08, 1998 at 10:53:35:

: Hello,

: I have a problem with Cubase Lite. If I play the synth with the computer on and everything, all
: sounds nice, but when I enter Cubase Lite, the drums gets this strange reverb to them. They
: sound is very soggy, and not at all so tight as they were before entering Cubase. It may be that this
: reverb is added to all the instruments, but you can clearly hear it on the drums.

: My second problem is about user mixes. Sometimes when I am editing, or want to use a stored
: user mix, the first instrument (01) sounds when I play like the drums on 16, or any other instruments.
: I get like two instruments at one time, but I only want to play one! I hope you understand what I mean,
: though the explanation wasn't so good.

It seems to me that your problem is that you are hearing two sounds which causes the "reverb".
One sound is the sound generated by your keyboard when you press the key, and the other sound is the sound generated by your keyboard which is triggered by your computer via MIDI.
When you press a key you're 1:"telling" your keyboard to play that specific note,
and 2: sending a MIDI message to your computer which transmits the same MIDI message back to your keyboard.
When your keyboard recieves the MIDI message it plays the note again!

To fix the problem you have to either switch the keyboard from NORMAL to OUT 1 , 2 ,3 ...
The number after OUT is the MIDI channel which the keyboard will transmit. What happens then is that your keyboard doesn't sound notes except via MIDI.
Another thing you can do is turn Cubase Lite to echo off, which means that it doesn't transmit the MIDI messages that it recieves, back to the keyboard.

Your second problem is caused by the same thing.
You press a key and the keyboard sounds the note.The computer then transmits the MIDI message it recieved back to the keyboard only on channel 1 (even if you played on a different channel),
so your keyboard plays two sounds: one on the channel you played, and another triggered by the computer on another channel.

If you do one of the things mentioned then that should fix both problems.

Good luck,


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