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Posted by Chris on September 07, 1998 at 09:05:01:

In Reply to: SRAM cards & Flash Ram cards posted by Jon on September 06, 1998 at 08:34:23:

1. Flash RAM is cheaper (8MB Flash card cost as a 512K SRAM card) but you can write on it only from Sound Bridge. If you press store to store a patch or bank in the Flash card, a message says that the card is ROM. You can transfer only one sysex bank on it with Sound Bridge and when you insert the card, automatically the QS synth will see a new bank called CardA-1 (or CardB-1 if you put it in slot B). You can select every patch in this bank as the ROM ones. Also you can transfer the Card bank in the synth's user bank. Of course if you want to edit the Card's bank you must transfer the patch you want to edit in user bank.
You can store in it 50 mid files type 0 maximum and transfer samples in it from sound bridge.

2. I have only Flash Card but i asked a lot and so far i know:
The SRAM card can do everything the same with Flash card (banks, samples, mid files)and also you can write and edit and save on it patches or banks direct from the synth. You can load in the user bank and save one by one 8 banks max from your synth in the SRAM card (maybe you can do it and from Sound Bridge but i don't know it for sure). Because of the price is better to use it only for banks and patches. It's very small for samples and the price for 8MB SRAM card is about $500!!

If you want to buy Flash card go to if you order from America and or if you order from everywere else. You must ask for Pretec Linear Flash Cards 5V/5V and the type is FAD008-P. Everyone says that only this works with QS synths and also i have this one.
I don;t know the model type of SRAM card but you can email Pretec company and ask.

The Flash card cost $89
The SRAM card cost about $60-$90.

If you need anything else write.

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