QS6 and Cubasis

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Posted by Brendan on September 04, 1998 at 02:18:18:

I've sequenced a song using Cubasis, and now I'm having a bit of trouble - mind you, it's not really major, but I want to understand how it works...

I've set the various tracks to specific banks and programs. With Cubasis, it's always 1 greater than the actual bank/program. For instance, to set program 45 in Cubasis, you actually enter a 46. Okay, that's easy. So here's the problem.

When I reload the song, I'm set to User 00, Multitimbral. I would like my MIDI file to set the correct bank/program combinations at load time or play time. But the weird thing is that the program numbers get changed fine, but the bank numbers always 1 position off (e.g. Preset1 gets set as User bank).

I've loaded others' songs onto my QS6 before, and they perform the proper bank/program selections when they load. Why won't mine?

Thanks for any insight you can offer on this.

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