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Posted by Markus nentwig on September 02, 1998 at 08:30:20:

In Reply to: More information on my problem..... posted by B-Down on September 02, 1998 at 07:59:11:

Hi friend,

maybe you have the following problem:

If you play your QS in MIX mode by using its keyboard and the mix consists of several programs (more than one little lamp on the display that lights up when the right keys are hit) your QS has to transmit MIDI information on more than one channel.
This means: if you hit one key and more than one of those program indicators lights up, it sends data on more than one channel, although you did hit ONLY one key!
If you want to obtain the same sound by means of MIDI input rather than by hitting the keys, you may have to send data to several channels.

First possible error: not all programs contained in the mix send MIDI.
Remedy: Set the SEND MIDI switch for all used programs to ON.
Second possible error: Now that your QS sends on several channels, the sequencer converts input from ANY channel # to the sequencer track channel you're recording to.
I'm not quite sure how cakewalk works but my MicroLogic (Emagic) does exactly this by default.
Make sure that the sequencer sends the same that it has received earlier, look at the program indicators in your QS' display to confirm this.

As mentioned earlier, this refers only to MIX mode.
(it doesn't only sound complicated, it IS.)

But, as mentioned before, MAYBE.
Maybe it's something completely different - I can only guess.

Now for the global option:
These settings determine how the information 'a key is pressed' is routed to the internal sound generation AND/OR to the MIDI output.
Please have a look at that f*unky manual and try to figure what which setting means.
I don't think that anybody can tell you the 'one' correct setting - there are different approaches to how you can rig up your gear.

Tip: if you use OUT1..OUT16, the data must be routed back through the sequencer to hear anything.

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