Re: QS6 MIDI playback and better manual?

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Posted by Markus Nentwig on August 14, 1998 at 04:15:23:

In Reply to: QS6 MIDI playback and better manual? posted by Keith on August 13, 1998 at 11:43:53:

Markus Nentwig

Hi Keith,
You start a sequence playback by pressing PRG and '00' at the same time and then '0'
The number you type names the song to play.
If you want the song to play in MIX mode, press 'MIX' and '00' at the same time

Songs 00-49 are on card A, songs 50-99 on card B.

This really works, I have some sequences for sound-check on my card.

Don't shout at ALESIS for their manual. It's not that bad.
Problems most people have with this thing that it's not written for beginners. You should know how MIDI works.
It's a problem common in writing manuals : you can't tell it all.
If you try to write it so that EVERYTHING is covered, you'll only accomplish two things:
a) You'll get a book that reads like the WINDOWS manual ('move the mouse pointer over the box on your screen that says 'OK' and select it by depressing the left button...', but that is 600 pages thick so that nobody won't find nothing in it and therefore put it high on the shelf.
b) You'll propably lose your mind at the attempt of writing it.

Have a look at the internet, there are many VERY useful documents that explain how MIDI works


In my version of SoundBridge there is a box on the right of the screen where you can enter the loop points. However, to avoid pops and clicks, do the looping with an external program like SoundForge that stores the loop point information in the .wav file. Looping is not as easy at it looks.
Try downloading some already looped samples from the net.

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