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Posted by Eric Luhta on August 12, 1998 at 23:33:41:

OK, here's the list of music equipment for sale. All of it is in superb
condition, and only have a couple months of personal use (by me only)
except for the Roland JV-880 which is a couple years old. Also, except
for the JV-880, everything hs the original boxes and manuals.


Roland A-90 Expandable Controller (Full size keyboard) 88-keys, weighted
piano action, 64 sounds (equipped with VE-Rd1 expansion board). The best
studio/MIDI controller you can buy, with case. I'm not sure if I'm going
to sell this yet - if so, $2000 firm

Alesis QSR Rackmount synthesizer - 100's of sounds, excellent quality with
digital output and two expansion slots. Rack version of QS8 synth - $600

Roland JV-880 rack synth. Good workhorse synth, couple 100 sounds, in
excellent condition. $375

Mackie 1202 Mixer - the best 12 channel portable mixer you can buy - $275

Alesis Point 7 studio monitors - very nice, specially shielded for use
with computers/video monitors. $200 for the pair

Alesis RA-100 studio amplifier - 100 watts of power, very clean, great for
a studio/stereo amplifier, will also work for a small PA system. - $200

8-channel MIDI patch bay Digital Audio Labs is the company I think.
Perfect for small-medium sized MIDI setups - 2 inputs, 8 outputs, Led
indicators. $60

Digidesign AudioMedia III Digital audio card. Superb sound quality,
analog and digital I/O, one of the nicest cards on the market. Great for
use with a CD burner, digital sound editing program, or audio recording
software. Supported by all professional music software I know of, works
with both Mac and PC. $600

Now for the computer -

Dell 233Mhz pentium w/ MMX. 64MB Ram, 3.5 GB hard drive, Toshiba 24X
CD-Rom drive, 15" monitor, Lexmark color ink jet printer, Microsoft
Intellimouse (with the cool little scroll wheel), Windows 95, office 97,
Bookshelf, tons of other software/games. asking $1500

I also have a Ricoh CD Burner - includes SCSI card, will read/write CD-R
and CD-RW 6X read, 2X write. Very nice. I also have Sonic Foundry CD
Archtect, the best audio CD burning program you can buy. If interested,
let me know and we'll talk.

Other music software - Finale 3.7, Sound Forge 4.0 (AWESOME!!), and
Cakewalk Pro Audio 6.0. If interested in any of these, let me know and
we'll talk.

So now I'm in denial of departing with my toys. Let me know if you're
interested in anything to wake me up to reality! Thanks!!


Eric Luhta
Student Supervisor - ITS Music Lab

PAGE: 1-888-PAGE360 302-4156
Cellular phone: 265-3099

Audio/Web Designer
Gecko-T Digital Audio

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