Cakewalk 7 32nd note snap-to limit??

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Posted by Ian on July 31, 1998 at 20:31:00:

I just started learning how to use Cakewalk Professional 7, and my biggest problem with it is that it has a snap-to resolution of only a 32nd note.
This is fine for most purposes, but I need my drumrolls and glissandos, and at that distance the notes sound very spaced apart.
Also, you'd think they would let you zoom in just a little farther in the piano roll view...

If it's true that you can't exceed this limit (or there isn't a quick technique to get notes in rapid succession) then I am in the market for a new piece of software.
Can anyone direct me to a program that can handle this sort of thing?
I got my start in music tracking mods in programs like Scream Tracker 3 and Impulse Tracker. The switch to MIDI has been painful since one has such limited control over the note data and effects.
(If only there were decent midi support in a tracker!)

One last thing... I am using a QS8 and I want to know how to control reverb per channel. Do I have to assign the reverb level to a slider, then change that value in each channel?
It would be so tedious to have to rearrange all the preset programs so they all have reverb control in a slider.

Thanks to anyone who can help me out here.

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