Re: How to get click to sound in Cubasis?

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Posted by sam on July 29, 1998 at 01:32:01:

In Reply to: Re: How to get click to sound in Cubasis? posted by Greg Jones on July 28, 1998 at 09:53:17:

: What do you mean by tapping the tempo in? I've
: explored the master track and been able to change
: tempos per measure, but it won't let me select
: less than a full measure in order to adjust tempos.

: Also, why would I have to magnify the note before
: changing it's rhythm? Will this enable the pencil
: on my toolbar?

I was talking about the pencil in the key editor, and you don't have to magnify but I always do. The score editor feels pretty klutzy. I had to set some "rounding" values in the preferences before it was at all usable for me, and then you always add notes of the current quantize or snap value (I forget all the details; it's been a while...)

: Because I don't have a pencil on
: my toolbar when in the score editor. I do have
: the pencil when I'm in key editor.....

Yeah, no pencil in the score editor. I don't use that one much; it's rather a pain.

Regarding the tempo changing in the master track, my usage of it has been pretty basic but I've downloaded midi files from the net that have constant tempo changes, many times per measure, so I know at least Cubasis can display and play these with no problem. I'm not running
Windows right now or I'd try it, but you should just be able to type in the location where the tempo change occurs, like "2.3.93" or whatever.


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