Re: How to get click to sound in Cubasis?

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Posted by Greg Jones on July 27, 1998 at 07:45:11:

In Reply to: Re: How to get click to sound in Cubasis? posted by sam on July 25, 1998 at 22:24:43:

O.K., I got the click to work and I'm reading through
the manual.

A few questions:

I read that I can change the tempos in the middle
of a song for each measure, but can I change the
tempo for each note?

Can I add different time signatures in the middle
of a song?

Every once in a while, the computer sends an erroneous
signal to my QS which automatically causes it to
change preset sounds, is there a way that I can prevent
this? I'm connecting via serial port.

How do I change notes in the score to different
rhythms? I found how to insert notes and I know
how to change the inserted notes by using the
quant pull down menu, but I would like to be able
to select, say a quarter note, and change it to a
half note if necessary. Currently, the only way
that I can do this is by deleting the old note(s) and
then adding the new one.



: : Help! I can't get the click to make a sound in Cubasis.

: You are on the right track. I have the metronome send notes for the click (pick the notes by playing a drum kit) on channel 10. Then when you play with the sequencer, always put the QS into mix mode with a mix that has drums on channel 10.

: Grab my bank and check out mix #1, pnoPractice. That's almost always my sequencing mix template, and then I just pick insturments for the channels from the QS from panel (it's fast and easy if the mix is set up sanely).

: Just post your Cubasis questions here. I know pretty much how to make it do everything it can do. There are a lot of useful features hidden in there and it's pretty capable once you understand its weirdnesses.

: cheers,
: -sam

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