Re: Recording music CD's - I did one and it worked! O:-D

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Posted by Angel Dominguez on July 17, 1998 at 19:55:05:

In Reply to: Recording music CD's posted by Tom Cantrell on July 13, 1998 at 21:53:56:

I think it's quite an interesting thing knowing how to use our
powerful Alesis synths to record music to a CD.
There are some things to take into consideration:

1) Unless you have or plan to buy a sound card with digital Input you
will have to record the music to your hard disk by sampling it with a
sound card. You better have a good one, with a low noise level.
(I used a MaxiSound 64, and it sounds pretty good, I mean the noise level is very low).

2) Forget about converting MIDI files into sound files. No software can do that if
the MIDI files sound on your synth. What you must do is connect an audio cable from
the line output of your synth to the line input of your sampling sound card.

3) If you're the lucky owner of a sound card capable of digital recording and an Alesis AI-1 unit,
you can record your music digitally. That means no additional noise, no distorsion, etc. Since
the digital output Alesis synths have works at 48 KHz, which is the format of the adat, you must
convert this digital signal to the S/PDIF format, which is the format of the Audio CDs, always
44.1 KHz, 16 bits, stereo. That's where you need the AI-1 to convert from adat digital signal to
standard S/PDIF digital signal.

What I did was the following:

I used a P166 with w95, CakeWalk Pro Audio 6, and Sound Forge 4 for the sampling task. And the following is
quite simple: after arranging the input levels on the soundcard and doing a few other things I was ready to
sample the songs to my HD while playing them on my QuadraSynth with CakeWalk. The rest is a small processing
work with SoundForge to maximize the signal of the songs, and they're ready to burn the CD! Of course the songs
were in WAV files, since almost every CD recording program supports this format.

Hope it helped,


Soon I will be publishing info on my web page about the CD I recorded. See ya...

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