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Posted by David Skinner on July 09, 1998 at 14:09:40:

In Reply to: Alesis (better) vs Roland Serial Driver posted by RichardX on July 08, 1998 at 12:21:22:

: I don't understand why y'all seem to prefer the Roland
: driver. I don't know which version of the Alesis
: driver you have tried, but the one you can download
: from the Alesis web site now, is much better than the
: Roland. It will allow the serial rate to be specifally
: set, up to 460.8K bits/sec. The Alesis driver also
: supports com ports other than 1 & 2.

: My question is, what is the maximum rate the QS8 can
: talk on the serial port? The QS8 is supposed to be
: RS-422 compatible and that should mean greater speed.

: From what I understand, setting the switch on the QS8
: to "MAC" really means, RS-422.

: Why is everyone using 38.4??? I am mystified. The
: Alesis literature says the port can be 4 times faster
: than MIDI, which should mean in the range of 115,200
: bits/sec. Is the only software setting in the QS8
: 38.4 and slower? Is anyone using 115,200? Is anyone
: using a MAC with the QS8? If so, what speeds are you
: getting?

After reading you message, I decided to retry the Alesis driver.(see my post below yours)
With the roland driver, I could not have a midi application running at the same time as my modem.
I kept getting a message that com1 was busy, even though my modem is on com2. This problem disappeared with the utilization of the Alesis driver.

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