Cakewalk 6.00/PC serial connection/and QS8

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Posted by Adam C. Riccinto on July 05, 1998 at 16:03:16:


I am somewhat of a novice at MIDI and sequencing and am having some trouble with Cakewalk and my
QS8. I am using a PC running '95 with a serial connection. I have poured over the QS8 manual and
done fairly well with it but somehow I'm missing something due to my noviceness. Also, admittedly, I don't
have a Cakewalk manual because a friend let me install it to "try before I buy." Here is my problem:

I am able to access the QS8 with Cakewalk (herafter CW) to access the sounds of the QS8. I can play
back already made sequences through the QS8 and hear them through the QS8 outputs. I am also able
to change patches (sometimes) from Cakewalk. The problem is, I cannot send data to CW to be recorded.
Seems like a basic problem so I went to the troubleshooting stuff in the help system and also the QS8
manual and found some possibilities but it did not solve the problem. To my knowledge I did them
correctly. however, like I said, I'm a novice.

My hope is that someone with a similar setup to mine would list the parameters in CW and
on the QS8 for various functions (i.e. sequencing/recording vs. editing/playback etc) so that I might
troubleshoot my setup. Thanks in advance to the kind soul who helps. You can respond here or
privately at


Adam C. Riccinto

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