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Posted by Markus 'read the f* manual' Nentwig on August 10, 1998 at 09:46:24:

In Reply to: Saving Musics with sequencer posted by Décio Ribeiro on August 07, 1998 at 22:38:54:

Hi Décio,

as I understand, you did not manage to record anything coming in through the MIDI port.

I've been having trouble with the serial interface myself (sending data from the PC works, but not the other way), so this seems nothing unusual.
Before you start to meddle with IRQs and IO-addresses, check if your sequencer uses the ALESIS driver for input. Maybe you'll have to tell it to expect input from the ALESIS serial driver.

The fact that your PC hangs when it receives its first bit of MIDI information looks like an IRQ conflict, though. (midi uses interrupts only when data is RECEIVED, not when sent)

Maybe you should disconnect the modem and try to install the serial driver for that port.

There is a reduced speed setting on your QS synth in the GLOBAL menu (28.8 kB), so maybe you could try this (but I think a pentium should be fast enough, since I'm working on a 386)

The driver gives a message in its setup-window when it has established a connection to a synth. If it says 'no synth detected' or something like that you'll know at least that the problem doesn't concern your sequencer software.

If you don't succeed in making it work, you can still try to use the MPU401 interface that can be found on most sound-cards. You'll need to install an MPU401 driver then with the correct IRQ and Base IO-setting.
Although the MPU installation is far from fool-proof, it seems to cause less trouble than this serial interface.

I've written some words on MPU and MIDI troubleshooting some weeks ago in this forum.

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