Re: My QS-6 Plays 1 Bank w/ Cakewalk

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Posted by Markus 'read the f* manual' Nentwig on August 10, 1998 at 09:26:08:

In Reply to: My QS-6 Plays 1 Bank w/ Cakewalk posted by Ross Fabricant on August 09, 1998 at 00:38:42:

Hi Ross,

maybe it's the wrong answer, but usually you do it this way:
a) Make sure that your synth in mix mode responds to program change messages on the channel where it receives the prog change.
This means: If your synth is in mix mode and receives a prog change on midi channel X, it will change the PROGRAM on THIS midi channel X to the new prog instead of selecting a new MIX.
THERE IS A SETTING IN THE GLOBAL MENU to tell your synth to work this way (to change PROGS and not to choose another MIX instead).
b) record a bank change message on one channel, but DISCONNECT THE MIDI IN-PLUG on your synth. (if you've got it working once, you may be able to skip this, but there is a possibility that your sequencer receives the bank change message and sends it back to the synth, causing trouble)
You record a bank change message by clicking on 'record' on your sequencer with contol information filtering disabled and PRESSING THE BANK CHANGE KEYS so that the bank you want gets selected.
If your sequencer allows you to look at recorded events it should be a controller nr. 0 (?)
c) choose another bank and play the bank change message from your sequencer (plug that MIDI plug in first)
Your synth should now switch to the new bank on the channel on which you play back the bank change.

If nothing else works, try the same in PROGRAM mode instead of MIX mode.

I remember having trouble with bank changes myself (and solving them by disconnecting the MIDI in cable), but in PROG mode, not in MIX mode (never tried that)

NOTE: No guarantee on anything stated above since I don't have my QS with me at the moment (neither the manual ;-)

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