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Posted by sam on August 09, 1998 at 03:31:35:

In Reply to: QS8 and a K2000R posted by David McIntosh on August 07, 1998 at 17:33:50:

Let me ask a few questions. What will the Kurz be used for in your studio? I assume it wouldn't necessarily be for sampling because that will make it an expensive piece of gear and maybe not your best value; besides you already have sampling covered in your current setup. So you probably just want powerful synth abilities. There's no denying that a Kurz sounds good (very good if it's expanded, but that's a lot of $$$), but I have a current bias towards the Nord Modular as it's just about the most varied and great sounding digital pure synth, an instrument that is always new and always changing.

Really the QS8 should be able to control anything about equally well since it's a fine controller; I have a bunch of configurations where I use the QS sliders and other controllers to tweak things on the Nord. With a QS8 and a Nord and a sampler, there's nothing I want for in my sound generating abilites, though I could certainly use more Nord voices...

I should further add that I'm a bit down on samples as interesting, flexible and fine sounding music sources, and I'm big on ever-evolving oscillators. Your needs and tastes could certainly differ...

In what way do you feel limited by your current setup and what kind of budget have you set to get where you want to be? What have you played that you absolutely loved the sound of?


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