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Posted by wes on August 08, 1998 at 02:59:35:

In Reply to: qs6.1 vs qs7 posted by tom on July 22, 1998 at 20:28:17:

: hi all, ive been preparing to buy a qs6.1 or qs7. just been reading alot about both and enjoying all the posts and learning alot. one question though, i realize that the qs6.1 is basically a qs7 (except for the keyboard size) is there any other differences ? i can either wait for the qs6.1 (around $1,000) or just go buy a qs7 right now (on sale for $1,100 down the street from me) seems to me that the qs7 is a better deal, any new features in the qs6.1 that i might not get in the qs7??? (my local music store has the qs6 for $495.00, im finding that very hard to pass up but want more features. thanks for letting me rant.

Personally I wouldn't need the ADAT, the real toss up is the extra keys, or the LARGER screen, I would currently go for the QS7 if those prices are correct, BUT if I were to get a QS7 if they all the sudden started manufacturing the QS7/8 with that Larger screen(Important to anyone who's spent alot of time programming)of the QSR/QS6.1 I think I'd shoot myself! Would be TOTALLY furious with alesis....

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