Re: Should I get QS6 or QS6.1?

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Posted by Wes on August 08, 1998 at 02:49:22:

In Reply to: Should I get QS6 or QS6.1? posted by Keith on August 06, 1998 at 15:37:13:

: I heard a street Price of $799 for the 6.1, unknown when it will come out. So -

: 6 $500
: 6.1 $800
: 7 $1000
: 8 $1550

: These are US prices as of 8/6/98. (Note 6.1 is not availible and the price one store expects to have it at)

: Now I need to decide to get the 6 or 6.1??? I have a sampler, would the extra control sliders be worth that much? Is it much easier to use and edit or just a little? $800 seem pretty high to me at the moment, I am just concerned about getting a 6 and regretting it because I needed a 6.1.

: Keith

I picked up a QSR for about $700 a yr ago, and the sounds are the same as the QS7/8, basically the QS6.1 is the QSR(check the screens, they're the same!)with a keyboard, or the QS6 with the QSR guts(However you wanna look at it) What I Think is really funny is you're paying $200~$700 more for a few extra keys and a SMALLER screen! (Now that gut wise all three synths are equal)
Bravo Alesis for finally making the QS6 cool, but boo/hiss for the pricing structure.

Personally I think the extra sounds in the QS6.1 Are worth it! A portable little keyboard, that's light, sounds good, and has all the "bread and butter" sounds ya need for a jam! And YES the BIGGER SCREEN makes it ALOT easier to edit! The "freeware" librarians SUCK!, and aren't worth registering! (If you think you'll get away with using computer instead only)

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