Re: QS8 sequencing... why such a dry sound?

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Posted by edp on August 04, 1998 at 01:12:46:

In Reply to: Re: QS8 sequencing... why such a dry sound? posted by JONNY on August 04, 1998 at 00:20:06:

: : I am using Cakewalk Professional 7 with my QS8, and for some reason the instruments don't sound very good when you play them through the sequencer.
: : The reverbs are all completely dried up, along with most of the special effects. For example, the Bank 1 Program 89, Water!!!, has such depth to it when I play it in program mode. But when I try to sequence with it, it just sounds like a detuned chip noise.
: : Any suggestions?

: Make sure that the FX LEVEL for each channel in your MIX are set to PROGRAM.

When you have your QS8 in mix you have noticed that
the sounds lack the same depth that they do when
you are in program mode. There is a easy fix for this.
First select the channel and the sound you want in
cakewalk. Then hit the EDIT Button. Next hit the EFFECTS
Button (button labled 80). Using the
buttons you have two options. FX Prg Change and FX Midi Chan.
For FX Prog Cange select "ON" Now go to FX Midi Channel
and select the channel that the sound is on that you
want the synth to map to. Let's say you have Zoo lead on
channel 1. Select Channel 1 with the Value Buttons and you should
now hear the ultra deep layered sound. The only thing
about this is that you can only use one sounds effects
map and every other sound on every other channel will
now carry some of the characteristics of the effects
channel. There is no way around this limitation.

hope this helps

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