AUX output oddity

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Posted by Ellsworth Hall on June 21, 1998 at 13:13:01:

I have a sort of odd situation. Maybe I'm just missing something.

When I send different instruments/voices in a Mix/Program to the AUX outputs, it seems
that after a few hours of leaving the QS7 on, the output gets distorted. But I have my mixer input/output levels set
the same (same impedence inputs too). If I cut the input gain and boost the output gain,
the distortion lessens.

I tried swapping mixer channels and cables and the same thing happened. So I figured
there was a problem with the QS7 AUX outputs, pehaps they somehow get overheated.
But I just tried one more thing, routed the AUX outputs not to my mixer but directly to an input
on my stereo amp. NO DISTORTION!

So you'd think the problem would be with my mixer (Behringer MX 1602A), but all the channels seem to work fine
with other instruments. And the same distortion problem from the QS7 AUX outputs happened
even when I switched to different inputs on the mixer. But going direct to my stereo amp,
no problem.

Is there something particular about the AUX output levels I'm not aware of? The manual
seemed fairly straightforward about it.

Thanks for any help!!!

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