Info on SRAM and Flash RAM

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Posted by J. Martin on June 18, 1998 at 06:16:04:

It would be great if someone could clearly describe and explain the differences between the flash RAM and the SRAM cards that can be used on the QS models. This is what I've gotten so far.

Flash RAM - you can only load one program bank. All the other memory can be used for WAV files and sequences. And, as someone else stated on a different message board..." So the Flash is better for studio projects and do-it-yourself programmers." Also, you cannot copy your User bank from a QS onto a flash RAM.

SRAM - can hold multiple program banks, the number of banks depends on memory (8 banks for 512K). And, "SRAM card appears more suited for non-computer live performance setups."

Does all this sound right? Is there any more to add? I've read the info on this site about the cards but it seemed a little confusing and contradictory. I'm not knocking the info; I really appreciate the time, effort, and quality of this site

I'm a little pissed at Alesis for not clearly explaining all this. Also, for all the money Alesis has made on the QS, I think that maybe someone from Alesis should periodically monitor, and help, on this board.

Thanks for any help or clarification from the experts out there.

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