QS7 sustain jack damaged

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Posted by Carlos Eduardo Arellano on June 15, 1998 at 03:44:49:

hi... for any1 interested :

I have a sudden problem with my qs7: sustain pedal
jack don´t work. The Alesis foot pedal was checked and
it is fine. First, I tried with and simple QS7 off
and on and a check pedal connection, after I tried
other compatible sustain pedals (which also worked well
before) and QS7 initialization and reset, all this
without succes. However, the synt still receiving
external sustain control from MIDI input, but their
own sustain circuit doesn't work. Using my basic
knowledge of electronic I made a simple voltage
mensuration with a digital tester from sustain jack
and another measure from pedal 1 and 2 jacks too in
order to send these to Alesis technical department for
if this could serve like a help sign, being the
measurement results:

sustain Jack: 2.33 Volts (curious diference) (don,t work)
pedal 1 : 4.96 Volts ( working fine )
Pedal 2 : 4.98 Volts ( working fine )

As data of information also:

- The Qs7 always is protected with DC stabilizer and
peak protect.
- my Qs7 is V 1.02 Sep 12 / 96
- I tried in ordert to solve the sustain problem
loading the original Qs7 bank data sysex from a
backup in my PC using Alesis freeloader sysex MIDI

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