should I buy a QS7 ????

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Posted by James Provan on June 12, 1998 at 15:24:18:


My friend has a QS+ and the sounds on it blew me away - the Pad sounds are awesome, sound effects mind blowing and drums and synth sounds brilliant.

The thing is, I'm looking to buy something like that new, but they don't make it any more. Does anybody know how the QS+ compares to the QS7 for sounds like that?

I'm interested in theese q-cards and Flash RAM cards, namely the Eurodance, Rap/Techno/Dance and vintage synthesizers ones and the 8MB flash ram card, for sampling. I'm told that you can't store patches or mixes on the same card as samples, doesn't that somewhat defeat the purpose?

I've found out through some reasearch that the nearest shop that has one that I can use is over 150km away. Having never used one or heard one before (except the QS+) i'd appreciate some feedback and some samples of some of the synth/pad and drum loop type sounds.

Thanks in advance to anyone that helps me!

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