Rock-solid home stand for QS8?

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Posted by Greg Smith on May 19, 1998 at 19:56:12:

I admit up front that I'm being a weenie about this.
This is my first keyboard ever (I'm a guitarist), and
I still can't believe my wife let me blow our entire
income tax refund on it. So I've got it sitting on
top of a 1" thick wooden plank, which is sitting on top of a QuickLok "spider" stand that supports the plank only near the ends. I've reinforced the plank in the middle with steel angle brackets. In between spasms of learning how to play the thing I get down on my hands and knees with a straight-edge to see if any sagging is happening to the plank. If there is, it's still pretty subtle: sometimes it seems as if I can rock the straight-edge back and forth across the midline of the plank, sometimes not. When I lay the straight-edge along the front casing of the QS8 itself, I detect no sagging whatsoever.

After you get through laughing at this picture, whoever you are, take pity on me and tell me 1) can I calm down and stop worrying? and 2) what kind of money does it take, and whose products does a nervous guy like me look at if he wants to get a rock-solid home stand (not necessarily portable) for the QS8? When I bought the QS8 I took it home with a $40 X stand. A week later I returned the X stand and asked for something sturdier. That's how I ended up with the QuickLok "spider" stand, for about $100. But not only does the stand provide support only near the ends, but also the whole combination does wobble a bit when I get to playing hard.

Any comments welcome. Thanks.

Greg Smith
Redwood City, CA

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