QSR - the thing just totally flipped out

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Posted by Mason on May 18, 1998 at 18:18:45:

The wierdest thing just happened to my QSR. I have programmed a bunch of mixes so I can sequence them. Yesterday, I went into the Global Settings, and then found that my "MSTR TUN" was set to ":4". Now a QS user knows that this is not possible, so I tried to change it. I turned the jog dial, and the setting jumped to "99", then I adjusted it back to "00", where it should have been the whole time...

Anyway, now all of my effects settings are all screwed up (or not anymore). Everything sounds a little different. Not better, not worse, just a little different. But, it's just enough to drive an experienced electronic musician crazy. I have a feeling that it's been messed up this whole time, and that I just inadvertently fixed it, but now it doesn't sound right!

Has anyone experienced a similar glitch with thier QS?

Please shed some light on this if you know anything about it...



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