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Posted by Joe on May 15, 1998 at 12:31:39:

In Reply to: clock drift? posted by Steve Blum on May 09, 1998 at 10:34:20:

: I have a peculiar problem and am wondering if anyone
: else has experienced the same. I'm using cakewalk 6.O
: and Alesis serial driver (came with QS8) in Windows'95.
: When I link the QS8 to cakewalk I get a very slow
: phasing effect similar to chorusing which is very an-
: noying. The moment I change midi channels, or in any
: way disconnect from cakewalk, this effect stops.
: I would appreciate any feedback or solutions.
: Thank you.

Hi Steve,

What's probably happening is that your QS8 is playing sounds in response to both you hitting the keys AND midi data coming in from Cakewalk. By default Cakewalk echos any midi data that it receives. The result is that two instances of the same note get played with a very slight delay, causing the phasing effect you hear. It's really noticable on drums.

To fix the problem, set your QS8 keyboard mode to OUT-1 (or OUT-2, or whatever channel you want). This is a Global parameter, page 6 (I think). This makes the QS8 respond to ONLY data coming in to the midi-in connector (or serial port). Or you can disable midi-echo in Cakewalk.

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