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Posted by Chuck on May 05, 1998 at 15:17:15:

I've gone through 2 (count 'em) PCMCIA MIDI cards which
don't work. The problem is that there's no driver for
either of these cards for Windows95. Needlesss to say,
I've sent both cards back.
OK. I have my QS8 hooked up to my notebook computer
and CakeWalk Pro Audio v6.01 using the Alesis Serial
Port driver and serial cable. That works out fine...
but I have a set of digital drums that I also want to
use as a trigger to the QS8's drum patches. When the
QS8 is in PC mode for serial communications, it
appears that the MIDI ports on the QS8 become
Does anyone know of anywhere or anyplace where I can
get a PCMCIA MIDI card WITH a Windows95 driver?
Or, does anyone know how to make the QS8 work with the
serial cable to the computer, and at the same time use
its MIDI ports to communicate with another digital

Thanks in advance.

- Chuck (cgilmore@realquest.com)

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