Getting QS7 to respond to channel reverb and chorus MIDI changes

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Posted by Charlie on April 30, 1998 at 17:27:31:

OK Alesis QS gurus...somebody help!
I'm using Soundtrek's JAMMER software with my QS7 (tons of fun!!) JAMMER sends individual channel-based MIDI messages on controller numbers 91 and 93 for Reverb and Chorus respectivly. I can't seem to get the QS7 to respond to changes I make in the JAMMER window. I realize the QS7 allows you to assign 1 program/channel as the "master control" for effects on all channels in the "multi-tamberal" Mix but this does me no good....I want my piano to have one Rev setting and by bass another. Right now JAMMER is not configurable for this perameter, controllers 91 and 93 are it. Soundtrek tech support says they have never heard of any synth using anything other than these two controllers for this purpose. Anybody have any suggestions?

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