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Posted by Sedat Yakisir on April 28, 1998 at 13:17:17:

In Reply to: CUBASE EN QS6 posted by Richard Eijkenbroek on April 04, 1998 at 10:15:50:

: Hi there...

: Is there someone who can explain to me how I have to program my
: beautifull QS-6 in order to work with Cubase Audio XT?

: What do I want:
: - I want to select the instruments through Cubase
: - If I I'm standing on Track-1 I want to hear the sound I selected
: there,
: and if I would go to edit Track-2 for example, I want to hear the
: sound
: I selected there.
: - I want to use especially the MIX-mode, but I got most trouble
: configuring that.
: Especially when I got a bass on my left half and a piano on the right
: half of
: my keyboard. How does that work with channels?
: - Is it possible to use also instruments from the Program-mode beside
: the
: Mix-mode in Cubase? (how?)

: Are there people who can tell me what the "kbd mode" should be, the
: "midi out mode" and all the other important things I have to adjust to
: get everything working right¿!

: I'm sorry to bother you people with this questions, but I love this
: great synth and I would really like to get start with composing again!

: Richard Eijkenbroek

Hi Richard,
1. go into the global edits mode on page 6.
select KBD MODE:OUT 01.
2. Set the QS6 in to MIX mode
3. Go in Cubase in to the menu: OPTIONS->Midi Settings
there you have to activate the Midi through option.

Well, thats all.
have fun, Sedat

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