QS8/CakeWalk 6.01/non-GM sequencing

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Posted by Chuck Gilmore on April 15, 1998 at 11:52:52:

I'm new to the QS8 and CakeWalk. Here's my question:
I want CW to record say, something I play from PRESET1,
patch 50 (for example). Then have CW play it back
through the QS8 while I add (and have CW record) patch
22 from PRESET3. Then, have CW playback both of those
tracks through the QS8 while I play (add) another patch
from a different bank, etc, etc, etc.
I'm frustrated with the QS8 manual in that I can't seem
to find how to do this.
CakeWalk seems straightforward, its the QS8 I'm having
problems with in getting it to do this.
Is there anyone out there who can help?

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