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Posted by Mike-B on April 13, 1998 at 03:31:13:

I had my QS7 hooked up to my computer by the Alesis serial cable.  I have a P/100 system running Cakewalk Pro audio.  I was playing a midi file with my keyboard in general midi mode.  All of a sudden my display had some extra letters after the end of the name on the display.  Garbage sort of like this (sjagh).  I turned the unit off and back on again.  My display now has no letters or numbers on it at all.  There is only a blank green screen.  I've tried the on/off default reset 0 and 3 thing.  Still a blank screen.  It does however play sounds.  But I have no idea where I'm at.  It has done something similar before.  I was using the QE 2.0 demo provided on the Alesis disk.  The program crashed and I was able to get everything
back after I reset the defaults.  Is there a contrast adjustment somewhere?  It is only 2 months old.  These are the only problems I've had with it.  A friend told me to remove the battery for about an hour.  I would rather not do that for obviuos warranty reasons, but i need the board back in business ASAP.  It's a time is money type thing.  Could you please help.  I'm in dire need.
Mike- B
Mobile, AL

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