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Posted by Ivan Woehr on March 12, 1998 at 15:18:17:

In Reply to: MIDI Quirks (CUBASE & MAC). Help? posted by Ivan Woehr on March 11, 1998 at 01:33:03:

I've figured out more:

#1. DON'T plug in the stupid serial cable until you
have a MIDI program running. Otherwise I get
my random piano sounds.

#2. CUBASE on the mac SUCKS. Ok, I'll clarify if
you don't know why: Not compatible with OMS, PLays
some funky randomized rhythym for standard notes
that only it knows, and editing has some serious
bugs (like I had a rest at the front of my song and
for the life of my I couldn't replace it with a note
or delete it or anything. Just horrible interface).

I tried the Overture demo on the CD for Mac and
that worked SO much better. No more notes sometimes
cutting out, no more randomized rythym, and editing
was a breeze. I would much rather have had this
program than CUBASE. Maybe CUBASE lets you do some
things the other doesn't, I dunno. All I know
is which one works.:)

JUst an FYI for those Mac people out there about
my experiences. I'm on the lookout for a better
MIDI program now (might purchase Overtture).
Anyone have any ideas?

: I've gotten everything going using a serial cable
: connection to my mac but I'm thinking this really doesn't
: work as well as MIDI cables because:

: If I leave the serial cable plugged in - with the mac on or
: off I sometimes hear random piano sounds playing and
: sustaining. Very freaky. Disconnecting the cable and
: power cycling the machine - I never have a problem. And usually
: I can fix it by just power cycling and then Im fine
: with MIDI for the whole sessions.

: The other issue is that, maybe I'm new to MIDI, but
: I'm stupid a VERY simply piano sequence out of a book
: and I'm only requesting one note at a time. Like a
: quarter, then a full note following it. The rhythym it
: plays the sequence it sounds just a LITTLE off. And
: I can really notice this because sometimes a note cuts off.
: Remember, I'm only doing 1 NOTE at a time so polyphoony
: shouldn't be an issue. Like a dotted-quarter note followed
: by another dotted quarter note, the second note sometimes
: gets partially cut-off, sometimes not. I don't understand
: at all.

: Can anyone with sequencing experience and hopefully
: MAC/CUBASE exp help? This is making MIDI not so fun...

: I may try switching to normal MIDI cables or somehow
: connecting it up to my PC (they keyboard and the PC
: are on different floors whereas I have an Extra PowerPC
: mac laying around).

: Thanks for any help!

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