Recording midi drum data thru QSR

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Posted by Bob on March 12, 1998 at 00:13:05:

'm thinking of buying a QSR. My main computer is a Mac running Digital Performer, but I'd like to record midi drum
sequences using my laptop, which is a W95 machine. I currently don't have a midi interface for my laptop. If I hook my
laptop up to a QSR through its serial port and connect to a drum module being played/triggered by a real drummer via the
thru port on the QSR, can I get the midi data into a Windows sequencer (specifically, Powertracks Pro?) or do I have to buy
a midi interface for my laptop to do this? Q#2 Is Unisyn a real patch editor or just a librarian? Can you generate random
variations in QSR patch parameters with Unisyn? Thanks for your help.

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