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Posted by Todd Wills on March 11, 1998 at 05:34:51:

The problem basically goes like this:

The set up is:-The Alesis QS-7 synth which is connected to Cakewalk Professional, an external sequencer package, and an EMU - ESI 32 sampler all passing through a Spirit Folio 16 mixing desk.

Now in order to create a track the sequencer is much like any other, for example I may lay down a Piano track on midi channel 1, track 1, a bass line on channel 2, track 2, Drums on track 10 etc etc

In order for these sounds to play in the sequencer, the synth must be in "mix play mode" as this allows more than one sound to be played at any time,(rather a necessity when writing a song don't you think).

However, in order for these sounds to be heard they first of all have to be stored into the "User bank"in "mix play mode"on the Alesis QS-7. That is I have to, for example, take the strings entitled "film score", which is preset 53 in bank 3 of "program play mode"and assign that string sound to the "user bank" in "mix play mode" only when this is done will it sound in the sequencer, basically the sequencer only seems to play the sounds already in, or assigned to the "user bank". This however seems alittle daft to me as the "User bank" only has room for around 125 patches and if I average using 10 different sounds per song that means, due to the size of the "User bank", that I can only write about 12 songs altogether, that'd be a shorter career than Bros!! That certainly won't get me into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame!!!

Not only is this a particularly inefficient way of creating songs but also every time I assign a sound to the "user bank" this means I wipe over one of the presets that was already in there! So I'm losing sounds everytime I write a track

Does anyone have any idea of the workings of the Alesis QS-7 in relation to external sequencers and if so HELP!! There must be a way of storing the sounds some other way, perhaps on the zip drive? If I do store a song onto disk, and then I load it up later to do some more work on it would it mean that it would recall the sounds saved on the disk without having to have them in the "user bank" or would the Alesis still have to have those sounds in the "user bank" in order for them to be heard in the sequence, if the latter is the case then perhaps we ought to think about getting a new synth.

Please Jim could you fix it for me to finally get my head round this problem as it's starting to piss me off.

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