Problems QS8 / Unisyn etc.: Bank Change

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Posted by Marius Laumans on February 27, 1998 at 18:40:33:

Maybe somebody can help me : Just got my new QS8.
Mostly figured out to get some noises out of it.
Even works so far with Cubasis (MIDI in and out).
I had problems as far as I tried to use f.e.Unisyn
or QE : As soon as I try to send commands to f.e.
switch from Program to Mix mode or to send Bank Switch commands,
I get as a result the message "There was no reply from device".
It seems, according to the window "Midi reveive", that
there is no midi information coming (although f.e. Cubasis
works in both midi directions, I swear). If I would try f.e. a
bank select from my PC, the result would be a short flickering
in the QS display. I tried probably all the Midi changes possible
to do in the Global Edit. Any ideas how do persuade my
QS to work together with my PC (and Unisyn)? I guess
the problems is to find in the QS since I didnt have
problems with other software as Cubasis. Thanks a lot

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