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Posted by Ed Richey on February 22, 1998 at 09:33:57:

In Reply to: Re: QS6 has gone crazy posted by Ed Richey on February 22, 1998 at 08:15:53:

: : Hi,

: : My QS6 has gone absolutely crazy. When I play
: : General midi songs, it plays all kinds of instruments
: : other than the ones it is supposed to. By the way,
: : I used to be able to play the songs properly before.

: : Second problem, probably related to the first, when I
: : play an instrument on the second (third, fourth, etc...)
: : channel, the only blip I see on the channel readout is
: : the first channel. None of the others work, but I can
: : still play the DEMO and see that all the other blips are
: : working.

: : One last thing, tonight was the first time I tried to
: : create my own mix on the QS6!!! Maybe I changed something
: : I shouldn't have.

: : Please Help,

: : Abhi

: The most obvious cause is probably your global setting. Check to be sure General Midi is turned on. Push [EDIT SELECT], [GLOBAL (the right Bank button)], and then advance the PAGE select to PAGE 7, General MIDI on/off. Select "ON", and the keyboard will automaticall switch to the General MIDI bank, mix 000 (GM Multi). If this doesn't work, try re-initiallizing the keyboard, by turning it on while holding buttons 1 & 3, and then repeating the above procedure. This should work, and set you up for playing general midi files.

: Note: these instructions are for a QS8. I think they are the same for a QS6.


To re-initiallize the keyboard, turn it on while holding buttons 0 & 3, not 1 and 3!

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