"Bigg Brass" (Preset 1, #66) on QS8 ro QS7

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Posted by Ed Richey on February 09, 1998 at 20:58:11:

In the Program called "Bigg Brass" (Preset 1, #66), I’ve noticed a strong increase in bass from Key B2 to the bottom of the keyboard. I assumed that one of the four sounds had a high limit split point at that point (B2), but when I listened to each sound one at a time, I found the increased bass was associated with Sound 2, but it was not done with a keyboard split. Sound #2 still had sound above B2. (To a lesser extent, I also noticed a high frequency EQ change at Key B2 on Sound 4.) I then tried to see if the apparent split was done in the Effects Edit mode, instead of program edit (such as an EQ split point, or something like that), but I couldn’t find anything. My question is how was the bass split at B2 created, and how can I edit it? (I would like to bring down the level of the bass notes without affecting the level of the top notes.)

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