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Posted by Ed Richey on February 08, 1998 at 08:17:34:

In Reply to: Split keyboard posted by Howard on December 08, 1997 at 10:15:14:

: I rely exclusively on playing keyboard bass along with any other sounds I might use. How is the achieved and how is it saved to be recalled?

You can do this in either Program mode or Mix mode. In Program mode, select one ore two of the four sounds to be the bass. You can copy the sounds of your favorite bass preset to a new program. (There are some tricks to copying sounds. You can only copy sound 1 of a program to sound 1 of another program. Same for sounds 2, 3 & 4..) If you want sound 1 of one program to be sound 2 of another program, you must first copy it to sound 1 of the new program, and then copy it again from sound 1 of the new program to sound 2 of the new program!. Check the manual!) Similarly, you can copy the sounds from another instrument program (like piano) to the remaining 2 or 3 unused sounds of the new program. At this point your two instruments will be layered, not split. To acheive the split, simply edit the HI limit range of the bass sound(s) to the desired split point (say C2?) and the low limit range of the other instrument sounds (C#2). Go to edit program amp/range (button 80). Save this program.

In mix mode, I usually start with USER 00 (multitimbral). To edit the first voice, push either page button (without selecting the edit button). Then select the program bank and number of the desired bass sound. This will be MIDI channel 1. Now hit the edit button and select channel 2 with the lower row of buttons (0-9). Push the mix button again to get out of edit mode. To select second voice, push either page button (without selecting the edit button), as you did with first voice. You may have to go back into edit mix mode and go to button 90 page 3 to turn the keyboard output on, since the origianl multitimbral setting only has channel 1 on to begin with. You can then adjust keyboard splits with the edit mix range button (110) in a similar fashion as you do in program mode.

In my opinion, the advantage of using the program mode over the mix mode is that for live performances, you can change from one program to another instantly, whereas in mix mode there is an annoying 1-2 second delay. However, in mix mode you can acheive much fuller sounds.

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