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Posted by sal orlando on February 03, 1998 at 03:48:33:

In Reply to: NanoSynth... posted by NanoBoy on February 02, 1998 at 15:10:30:

: Anyone have any personal experience with the Alesis NanoSynth? I'm considering purchasing one but since I live in loserville I don't have the convenience of trying one out in the store (I have to order one). I was curious as to whether the sounds are decent or if it is a mod I could just as well pass up?

I think the sounds are great. If you can get to listen
to a QS6 you should have a good idea of what it sounds
like since they use the same soundset. It can only do
one effect at a time though. I definitely think it's
well worth the $320 I paid for it.
(check out

: Also, I would be controlling it from my old ESQ-1 workstation and was wondering if I'd be able to access all of the patches it has (I read that you can't access them all without a PC, and was wondering if the built in sequencer of the ESQ-1 could do the same job?)

If you can send bank and program changes then you can
access the sounds. What they mean is that you can't
access all the sounds from the front panel.

: Any info. would be appreciated! Thank you!

It's a great box for the bux.

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