Re: Need Help: QS7: SoundBridge & FlashRam cards

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Posted by Jeff Hoffman on January 21, 1998 at 02:11:45:

In Reply to: Need Help: QS7: SoundBridge & FlashRam cards posted by Olga Chaiko on January 20, 1998 at 15:44:25:

Dear Olga,I had the same problem a few weeks ago . Turns out the the QS is very particular about cards. You can look at the page about cards on this website or check the official Alesis page ("About PCMCIA cards" under tech notes.).. The card must be 5 volts read and write with an access time of 200 nanoseconds or faster. Only AMD and PRETEC brand cards work. I got lucky and bought an 8meg pretec (#fr2008) mail order from Bottom Line(1-800-990-5795) for only $125 including shipping. Ask for Michael at extention 621- he is familiar with the problem of compatability with Alesis Synths. The first card I also bought by mail order and since it was under thirty days I got my money back. Hope it works out for you. If you resolve this problem and find difficulties saving edited banks to the card get in touch-I've worked through that one as well. Good luck Jumpinjeff

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