Saveing banks to Flashram with a MAC

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Posted by Jeff Hoffman on January 20, 1998 at 00:32:09:

I would like to save banks edited in Unisyn to my flashram card.
Soundbridge can only see files in raw "Sysex" format, which Unisyn
does not export. In the PC world the trick is simply to send a bank to
the QS and bring it back to the computer with Freeloader with the command
"SYSEX recieve". This is not in my MAC version of Freeloader which came on the CD-ROM
with my synth. Any Macheads out there have any solutions-maybe other programs which
can export a file in SYSEX? I have vision and Finale and don't see any way to get this to work.
Ideas? Thanks. Jumpinjeff

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