Quadrasynth Patch Volume and Pedals

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Posted by Jeff Vacha on January 04, 1998 at 19:45:50:

Hi All,

I am trying to use a Quadrasynth Plus Piano in a
performance situation. One of my biggest problems with the keyboard is that there is no uniformity between the volume levels of various patches.
For example, I have to switch between Pop R/B Organ and Stereo Piano in a song. When I switch, instead of being at the right volume, I have to "spin the dial" until I get to the level I was playing the rest of the song at. Makes for musical whiplash.

How do most people handle this in a performance situation? Do other keyboards have a similar problem? I know its old, but my Roland D5's levels are all pretty even. I tried setting the level to the same number for every patch. No luck. They are still different. Do I have to fool with each one individually until I "hear" the same volume? I would like to be a little more scientific.

Also, what value are pedals1 and 2? If I buy these, what value do they have to me in performance? Can I use them to change patches?



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